miss, mit & mitt

ROOT-WORDS are MIT, MITT & MISS which come from the Latin mittere & missus meaning to SEND. The Latin Root accounts for the two spellings and the double letters in the English words. In the list you will find words made with earlier ones. How simple they seem now! How easy it is to understand the words made of those roots! One of these days you will find it very easy to know the longest word in the English language. Just keep going with the roots!

1. Mission : MISS ion (mish’ un) n.

A duty one is sent to perform; as, sent on a mission

2. Missile : MISS ile (mis’ il) n.

Something which can be sent through the air

3. Missive : MISS ive (mis’ iv) n.

A note which can be sent by messenger

4. Admission : ad MISS ion (ad mish’ un) n.

Entrance; the permission to enter

5. Commit : com MIT (ko mit’) v.

To sent; to entrust; as, commit yourself to a noble cause

6. Dismissed : dis MISS ed (dis misd’) adj.

Sent away; discharged

7. Emissary : e MISS ary (em’ i sar ee) n.

A messenger sent on a mission

8. Intermission : inter MISS ion (int er mish’ un) n.

A break between two parts of a performance; as, during intermission

9. Intermittent : inter MIT tent (int er mit’ ent) adj.

Coming and going; irregular

10. Remiss : re MISS (remis’) adj.

Careless; as, service here is remiss

11. Remit : re MIT (re mit’) v.

Pay back; pardon

12. Remittance : re MITT ance (re mit’ ans) n.

Payment; as, enclose a remittance

13. Submit : sub MIT (sub mit’) v.

Give up; surrender

14. Submission : sub MISS ion (sub mish’ un) n.

Act of surrender

15. Transmit : trans MIT (trans mit’) v.

Send across; as, transmit news by cable

16. Transmissible : trans MISS ible (trans mis’ i b’l) adj.

Can be sent across

17. Transmission : trans MISS ion (trans mi’ shun) n.

The act of sending across

18. Transmitter : trans MITT er (trans mit’ er) n.

One who or that which transmits

19. Emit : e MIT (ee mit’) v.

To send out; as, emit cries of horror

20. Permit : per MIT (per mit’) v.

To allow; as, liberty will not permit license

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