lum, luc, lun & lus

ROOT-WORDS are LUC, LUM, LUN & LUS. They come from the Latin lux, lucis & lumen. All mean LIGHT. LUMinary, to bring light to the eye. eLUCidate to bring light to the mind. Both bring brightness. This is a beautiful ROOT. No. 15, eLUCubrate, pictures a hard worker, perhaps an Abraham Lincoln, who keeps on working after the sun goes down, keeps toiling by candle light, to get the education which he needs.

1. Lucent : LUC ent (lus’ ent) adj.

Giving light; shining

2. Lucid : LUC id (lue’ sid) adj.

Clear; bright; filled with light

3. Luculent : LUC ulent (lue’ kyu lent) adj.

Lucid; clear; evident

4. Luna : LUN a (lue’ na) n.

The moon goddess

5. Lunambulism : LUN ambulism (lue nam’ bu liz um) n.

Sleepwalking induced by the moon

6. Lumen : LUM en (lue’ men) n.

A unity of light

7. Luminary : LUM inary (lue’ mi nar ee) n.

A heavenly body; someone who shines in his profession

8. Luminescence : LUM inescence (lue mi nes’ ens) n.

Brightness, incandescence

9. Luminescent : LUM inescent (lue mi nes’ ent) adj.

Used in the production of luminescence

10. Luminiferous : LUM iniferous (lue mi nif’ e rus) adj.

11. Luminosity : LUM inosity (lue mi nos’ it ee) n.

The quality of being light

12. Luminous : LUM inous (lue’ mi nus) adj.

Full of light; brilliant; lustrous

13. Luster : LUS ter (lus’ ter) n.

Sparkle; gloss; glaze

14. Elucidate : e LUC idate (e lue’ si date) v.

Bring into the light; make clear; explain

15. Elucubrate : e LUC ubrate (e lue’ kue brate) v.

Express with great effort; work h

16. Illuminate : il LUM inate (il ue’ mi nate) v.

Bring in light; light up; make bright

17. Translucent : trans LUC ent (tranz luse’ ent) adj.

Letting light come through

18. Pellucid : pell LUC id (pe lue’ sid) adj.

Easy to fathom or understand; allowing light through

19. Luminaire : LUM inaire (lue’ mi nare) n.

A lighting unit with all equipment and accessories

20. Lunatic : LUN atic (lue’ na tik) adj. Moonstruck; insane

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