This ROOT-WORD is the Prefix INTRO meaning INTO & INWARD. The three ROOTS - INTER, INTRA & INTRO - must be clearly spoken and exactly understood. INTERnational means between all the nations of the world. INTRAnational means within one nation. Notice the change in spelling - intromit with a t, and intromissable with an s! The reason for that is the change in the spelling of the Latin Root - to send. Mitto becomes missi and that is carried over to the English words derived from it.

1. Introceptive : INTRO captive (in tro sep’ tiv) adj.

Capable of receiving into itself

2. Introduce : INTRO duce (in tro dus’) v.

Lead into; present

3. Introduction : INTRO duction (in tro duk’ shun) n.

Act of presenting

4. Introflex : INTRO flex (in tro fleks’) v.

To bend inward

5. Introgression : INTRO gression (in tro gre’ shun) n.

Act of going in; entrance

6. Introject : INTRO ject (in tro jekt’) v.

To throw within; as, introject new ideas

7. Introjection : INTRO jection (in tro jek’ shun) n.

Act of throwing oneself into a project

8. Intromit : INTRO mit (in tro mit’) v.

Allow to pass in; insert

9. Introspect : INTRO spect (in tro spekt’) v.

To look within; inward

10. Introspection : INTRO section (in tro spek’ shun) n.

Act of looking within; self-examination

11. Introspective : INTRO spective (in tro spek’ tiv) adj.

Seeing inwardly

12. Introspectionism : INTRO spectionism(in tro spek’ shun iz um) n.

Doctrine that psychology finds its essential data by introspection

13. Introvolution : INTRO volution (in tro vo lue’ shun) n.

Act of involving one thing within another

14. Introvert : INTRO vert (in’ tro vert) n.

One who turns inward; draws

15. Introversion : INTRO version (in tro ver’ zhun) n.

Act of turning one’s thoughts inward

16. Introversive : INTRO versive (in tro ver’ siv) adj.

Tending to turn inward

17. Introvert : INTRO vert (in’ tro vert) v.

To turn inward; to draw in

18. Introversible : INTRO versible (in tro ver’ si b’l) adj.

Capable of being turned inward

19. Intropulsive : INTRO pulsive (in tro pul’ siv) adj.

Inclined to drive inward

20. Intropression : INTRO pression (in tro presh’ un) n.

Pressure within

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