ject , jec & jac

ROOT-WORDS are JAC, JEC & JECT meaning THROW & LIE. An oddity about this ROOT is that it never stands alone, as other ROOTS do. Standing alone, it has no meaning. It is entirely dependent on prefixes and suffixes to be meaningful.

1. Dejected : de JECT ed (de jekt’ ed) adj.

Low in spirits; cast down

2. Dejection : de JECT ion (de jek’ shun) n.

A condition of despair; depression

3. Adjacent : ad JAC ent (ad jas’ ent) adj.

Next to; as, the adjacent house

4. Adject : ad JECT (a jekt’) v.

To add to; to annex

5. Adjective : ad JECT ive (aj’ ek tiv) n.

Not standing alone; a word which modifies a noun

6. Adjectival : ad JECT ival (aj ek tie’ val) adj.

Using many adjectives; as, an adjectival style

7. Conject : conJECT (kon jekt’) v.

To plan; to surmise

8. Conjecture : con JECT ure (kon jek’ chur) v.

To form an opinion; to surmise

9. Ejaculate : e JAC ulate (e jak’ yu late) v.

To throw out; cry out

10. Eject : e JECT (e jekt) v.

To throw out; as, eject him from the hall

11. Ejection : e JECT ion (e jek’ shun) n.

The throwing out; expulsion

12. Inject : in JECT (in jekt’) v.

To insert; as, inject a syringe

13. Injection : in JECT ion (in jek’ shun) n.

The throwing in of liquid by a syringe

14. Interjection : inter JECT ion (int er jek’ shun) n.

A word thrown between others; as, He went, alas! To die

16. Objection : ob JECT ion (ob jek’ shun) n.

Disapproval; refusal to accept

17. Projection : pro JECT ion (pro jek’ shun) n.

A throwing forward; as, a projection of the voice

18. Rejection : re JECT ion (re jek’ shun) n.

Refusal; denial; as, a rejection of his proposal

19. Abject : ab JECT (ab’ jekt) adj.

Degraded; debased

20. Abjection : ab JECT ion (ab jek’ shun) n.

Abasement; degradation

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