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These ROOT-WORDS are TECHNI, TECHNY & TECHNIC meaning SKILL & ART. The words on the list give you some idea of the formidable vocabulary of the technicologist. Thanks to our ROOT we can follow along with the words. A better acquaintance with technocracy itself is needed if you want to feel at home in a conversation with the experts. As mentioned in the sentence below, the arts are mechanical and the mechanics are artistic and artist and technician are impressively combined.

1. Technical : TECHNIC al (tek’ ni kal) adj.

Relating to the mechanical arts

2. Technician : TECHNI cian (tek nish’ an) n.

One who is skilled in the mechanical arts

3. Technicalist : TECHNIC alist (tek’ ni ka list) n.

One who is interested in technical matters

4. Technicality : TECHNIC ality (tek ni kal’ it ee) n.

A detail of skill and procedure

5. Technicist : TECHNIC ist (tek’ ni kal’ it ee) n.

A detail of skill and procedure

6. Technicon : TECHNIC on (tek’ nik on) n.

An exercising device for developing the hands

7. Technics : TECHNIC s (tk’ niks) n.

The science of mechanical skills and arts

8. Electrotechnics : electro TECHNIC s (e lek tro tek’ niks) n.

The science of electro-mechanical skills

9. Psychotechnics : psycho TECHNIC s (sie ko tek’ niks) n.

Psychology applicable to industry

10. Techniphone : TECHNI phone (tek’ ni fone) n.

A dummy keyboard for finger practice

11. Pyrotechnics : pyro TECHNIC s (py ro tek’ niks) n.

Display of fireworks

12. Technique : TECHNI que (tek neke’) n.

Expert method in executing technical details, especially in the arts

13. Technocracy : TECHN ocracy (tek nok’ ra see) n.

Management of a society by technical experts

14. Technocrat : TECHN ocrat (tek’ no krat) n.

An expert technician

15. Technology : TECHN ology (tek nol’ o jee) n.

Science of the industrial arts

16. Technonomy : TECHN onomy (tek non’ o mi) n.

The laws of the industrial arts

17. Technologist : TECHN ologist (tek nol’ o jist) n.

One versed in the science of the industrial arts

18. Hydrotechny : hydro TECHNY (hie’ dro tek ni) n.

One versed in the use of water in industry

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