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ROOT-WORD is the Prefix ULTRA which means BEYOND, EXCEDDING & ULTERIOR. You can go as far as you like with ULTRA. It’s the most remote, the farthest away. It’s on the other side of beyond. We are most certainly getting on with our ROOTS. The word analyzed today is the longest you have had so far but it is not the longest word you will meet by any means. The 16 letters make one third of the longest known word and you will get it soon.

1. Ultra : UNTRA (ul’ tra) adj.

Going beyond the range or limits

2. Ultraism : ULTRA ism (ul’ tra iz um) n.

The principles of advocates of extremism

3. Ultraist : ULTRA ist (ul’ tra ist) n.

An extremist; a radical

4. Ultramarine : ULTRA marine (ul tra ma reen’) adj.

Beyond the sea; a blue pigment

5. Ultramontane : ULTRA montane (ul tra mon’ tane) adj.

Countries lying beyond the mountains

6. Ultramicrometer : ULTRA micrometer (ul tra mie krom’ e ter) n.

Instrument which can measure even less than 1/1,000,000 of an inch

7. Ultramicroscope : ULTRA microscope (ul tra mie’ kro skope) n.

An instrument which renders visible particles not seen with an ordinary microscope

8. Ultramodern : ULTRA modern (ul tra mod’ ern) adj.

Extremely modern in ideas

9. Ultramundane : ULTRA mundane (ul tra mun’ dane) adj.

Beyond the known world

10. Ultrasonic : ULTRA sonic (ul tra son’ ik) adj.

Supersonic; beyond sound

11. Ultrastellar : ULTRA stellar (ul tra stel’ ar) adj.

Beyond the stars

12. Ultrafidian : ULTRA fidian (ul tra fid’ i an) adj.

Going beyond faith

13. Ultravalorem : ULTRA valorem (ul tra va lo’ rem) adj.

Beyond the value

14. Ultraviolet : ULTRA violet (ul tra vie’ o let) adj.

Outside the violet end of the visible spectrum

15. Ultra vires : ULTRA vires (ul tra vie’ reze) adv.

Beyond, power; transcending authority

16. Ultraornate : ULTRA ornate (ul tra or nate’) adj.

Too fancy

17. Ultraluxurious : ULTRA luxurious(ul tra luk shu’ ri us) adj.

Extremely luxurious

18. Ultraliberal : ULTRA liberal (ul tra lib’ er al) adj.

Very liberal

19. Ultrafashionable: ULTRA fashionable(ul tra fash’ u na b’l) adj.

Very fashionable

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