habit & hab

ROOT-WORDS are HAB & HABIT meaning HAVE. HAB comes from the Latin habeo meaning to HAVE & and HABIT from habitare meaning to LIVE. It has saved the lives and usefulness of countless soldiers by making them HAVE again lost faculties. A Latin phrase much used in Law may well be added to our list; Habeas Corpus. Literally it means, “You have the body."

1. Habit : HABIT (hab’ it) n.

A behavior pattern; usage; custom

2. Habeas corpus : HAB eas corpus (hay’ bee a skor’ pus) n.

You have the body

3. Haberdashery : HAB erdashery (hab’ er dash e ree) n.

A store which sells articles of men’s wear

4. Habergeon : HAB ergeon (hab’ er jun) n.

A short jacket of mail

5. Habile : HAB ile (hab’ il) adj.

Able; skillful

6. Habiliments : HAB iliments (ha bil’ i ments) n.

Dress furnishings; clothing

7. Habilitate : HAB ilitate (ha bil’ i tate) v.

To clothe; to prepare

8. Habilimentation : HAB illimentation (ha bil i men tay’ shun) n.

The clothing industries and arts

9. Habitat : HAB itat (hab’ i tat) n.

The natural abode of plant or animal

10. Habitation : HAB itation (hab i tay’ shun) n.

Dwelling place; home; residence

11. Habitual : HABIT ual (ha bich’ yu al) adj.

Customary; relating to habit; as, habitual industry

12. Habituate : HABIT uate (ha bit’ yu ate) v.

To make accustomed to

13. Habitude : HAB itude (hab’ i tude) n.

Nature; character; habitual attitude

14. Habitué : HAB itue (ha bich’ u way) n.

One who frequents a certain place; as, a habitué of the theater

15. Inhabit : in HAB it (in hab’ it) v.

To live in; to establish as residents

16. Inhabitant : in HAB (in hab’ it ant) n.

One who lives permanently in a place

17. Rehabilitate : re HAB ilitate (re ha bil’ i tate) v.

To make able again; restrengthen

18. Rehabilitation : re HAB ilitation (re ha bil i tay’ shun) n.

Act of rehabilitating

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