Words List : Browse our collection of words which allow you to examine words.

Words List

Browse our collection of word lists which allow you to examine words more closely. Provide descriptions of words alongside dictionary definitions and a list of related words.

Academic Word List
African Endangered Languages
Afrikaans Loan Words
Algonquin Loan Words
Animals - Babies
Animals - Female
Animals - Male
Arabic Loan Words
Aramaic Loan Words
Arawak Loan Words
Asian and Pacific Endangered Languages
Australian Aboriginal Loan Words
Australian English Words
Bantu Loan Words
Basic English Words
Brown Corpus
Business English Verbs
Carib Loan Words
Celtic Loan Words
Chinese Loan Words
Collective Terms for Animals
Cockney Rhyming Slang
Common Verbs
Common Words
Cumbrian English
Czech Loan Words
Dutch Loan Words
European Endangered Languages
Finnish Loan Words
French Loan Words
Gaelic Loan Words
German Loan Words
GMAT Idioms
GMAT Vocabulary
Grammar Terms
GRE Analogy Words
GRE Vocabulary
Greek Loan Words
Hebrew Loan Words

Hindi Loan Words
Hungarian Loan Words
Icelandic Loan Words
Internet Words
Inuit Loan Words
Irish English Words
Irregular Verbs - Third Person Singular
Irregular Verbs - Base Form
Irregular Verbs - like BUY/BOUGHT/BOUGHT
Irregular Verbs - like DIG/DUG/DUG
Irregular Verbs - Present Participle and Gerund
Irregular Verbs - Past Participle
Irregular Verbs - Simple Past
Irregular Verbs - Like Drive / Drove / Driven
Irregular Verbs - Like Find / Found / Found
Irregular Verbs - Like Get / Got / Got
Irregular Verbs - Like Know / Knew / Known
Irregular Verbs - Like Shake / Shook / Shaken
Irregular Verbs - Like Sing / Sang / Sung
Irregular Verbs - Like Swell / Swelled / Swollen
Irregular Verbs - Like Tell / Told / Told
Irregular Verbs - Like Wake / Woke / Woken
Irregular Verbs - Like Wear / Wore / Worn
Irregular Verbs - No Change
Irregular Verbs - The Comprehensive List
Italian Loan Words
Jamaican English Words
Japanese Loan Words
Javanese Loan Words
Latin Loan Words
Long Words
Malay Loan Words
Mispronounced Words
Misspelled Words
Nahuatl Loan Words
New Zealand Loan Words
Norse Loan Words
North Asian Endangered Languages
Norwegian Loan Words
Periodic Table
Persian Loan Words
Polynesian Loan Words
Portmanteau Words
Portuguese Loan Words
Quechua Loan Words
Rhyming Words
Romany Loan Words
Russian Loan Words
SAT Vocabulary
Sanskrit Loan Words
Scots Loan Words
Scottish English Words
Small Words for Big Words
South American Endangered Languages
Southern States English
Spanish Loan Words
Swahili Loan Words
Spelling Problems
Swedish Loan Words
Tamil Loan Words
Thai Loan Words
The Planets
TOEFL Vocabulary
Tupi Guarini Words
Turkish Loan Words
Welsh Loan Words
Words Ending in GRY
Yiddish Loan Words

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