aud & aus

ROOT-WORDS are AUD & AUS (which comes from the Latin audire) meaning HEAR & LISTEN. All the words with AUD are simple words which you have heard many times. The three words with AIS, Nos. 18-20, are probably new. Besides, they have a special significance. The listening in those words is to sounds within the body, very small sounds. In AUDible except with an AUScultoscope.

1. Audible : AUD ible (and’ i b’) adj.

Can be heard

2. Auditor : AUD itor (aud’ i er) n.

One, who listens, hears

3. Audience : AND ience (aud’ ee ens) n.

An assembly of listeners

4. Audit : AUD it (aud’ it) n.

A formal examination of accounts made by an accountant

5. Audition : AUD ition (au dish’ un) n.

A hearing; as, the singer was given an audition

6. Auditorium : AUD itorium (aud i tore’ ee um) n.

A part of a building used for audience assembly

7. Audio : AUD io (aud’ ee o) adj.

Relating to sound by electric currents is the air

8. Audiogram : AUD iogram (au’ di o gram) n.

A graph that shows the relation of audibility to frequency

9. Audiometer : AUD iometer (aud ee om’ et er) n.

An instrument by which hearing can be measured

10. Audiphones : AUD iphone (au’ di fone) n.

A plate which carries sound vibrations; a hearing-aid

11. Auditory : AUD itory (aud’ i tore ee) adj.

Relating to hearing; as auditory nerves

12. Audile : AUD ile (au’ dile) adj.

Having mental images that are auditory

13. Audi vision : AUD ivision (au’ di vizh un) n.

Sound accompanying pictures

14. Audivise : AUD ivies (au’ di vize) v.

To receive or transmit, by Audi vision

15. Audient : AUD ient (au’ di ent) adj.

Listening; paying attention

16. Inaudible : in AUD ible (in aud’ i b’l) ajd.

Cannot be heard

17. Audibility : AUD ibility (aud i bil’ it ee) n.

Intensity of a received signal

18. Auscultate : AUS cultate (aw’ skul tate) v.

To listen to sounds within such cavities of the body as the chest and abdomen

19. Auscultation : AUS cultation (aw skul tay’ shun) n.

The act of listening to sounds within the body

20. Auscultator : AUS cultator (aw’ skul tay tor) n.

A practitioner of auscultation

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