English Poems

English Poems :

Here is a list of English Poems written by various authors. Whatever the question is, poetry may be the answer. Writers say poetry provides them with comfort, a way to express themselves and the discipline of finding the essence with few words. Writing the poem (and finding just the right word) is the measure of success that the authors use. Really good poetry is instinctive. It’s who you are. It’s from the heart. You need to expose yourself to all kinds of poets and you may find your motivation and muse that way. Poetry gets to the core meaning. Poetry expands ideas.

The word POETRY originates from a Greek word meaning TO MAKE. A poet is thus a maker and the poem something that is made or created. No single definition of poetry is possible but some characteristic features of poetry may be mentioned. Poetry has a musical quality with rhythm, pitch, metre and it may use figures of speech such as simile and metaphor. While quite a few english poems in this selection are in traditional forms, the unit also includes modern poems that are free from formal restrictions.

English Poems awaken the dormant soul in us. We all come at place, where we feel dejected and disenfranchised with this materialistic world, once in our lives. At that time of undetermined condition and confusion, the poems will makeour heart clear of all the debris and unwanted feelings and make our heart pure with the awakened soul. We have to make it clear that we want peace and love in this wonderful life over all other things of materialism. Here are those poems which come under this kind of nature to make yourself proud of having been born MAN / WOMAN in this beautiful world. We have collected these poems with deligence and long-waiting. The list may varyfrom person to person. Of course, no one could determine what the best poem is. The choice of yours may be different. Ours is not the fianl list. Here is the complete list of poems about the various topics.

William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, Yoonoos Peerbocus, William Butler Yeats, Edgar Allan Poe, Christina Rossetti, John Donne, Khalil Gibran, Rabindranath Tagore, Charles Bukowski, Robert Frost, Dorothy Parker, John Keats, William Shakespeare, Wilfred Owen, K. Naga Nandhini, Nelson Mandela, Ruskin Bond and Irene Yates are few of the world-famous poets who have brought out the beauty of English Poems.

Poems listed in Alphabetical Order :

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  1. Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens( Jack Prelutsky )
  2. Last Night I had the Strangest Dream. ( Ed McCurdy )
  3. Law of The Jungle( Anonymous )
  4. Leave This Chanting ( Rabindranath Tagore )
  5. Leisure - 1 ( W. H. Davies )
  6. Leisure - 2( William Henry Davies )
  7. Leisure - 3 ( W. M. Davies )
  8. Lessons( DR. TINY NAIR )
  9. Let Me Die A Youngman Death.( Roger McGough )
  10. Let me live. ( AN UNKNOWN author )
  11. Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds-1(William Shakespeare)
  12. Let Me not to The Marriage of True Minds-2(William Shakespeare)
  13. Let Us Be Human. ( UNKNOWN AUTHOR )
  14. Let us move and dance.( UNKNOWN AUTHOR )
  15. Let us sing and dance.( Anonymous )
  16. Letter from A Parent - 1( Harold Honeybun )
  17. Letter from A Parent - 2 ( Harold Honeybun )
  18. Life - 1( Charlotte Brontë )
  19. LIFE - 2 (Shruthi Jha)
  20. Life and Beyond Life ( V. Harish )
  21. Life is An Examination (Akshat Jain )
  22. Life of A Ninth Grader (Akshaya.C )
  23. Light the Lamp of Thy Love. ( Rabindranath Tagore )
  24. Lights Out ( Edward Thomas )
  25. Lines Written in March ( William Wordsworth )
  26. Little by Little( UNKNOWN AUTHOR )
  27. Little Drops of Water ( Mrs. J. A. Carney )
  28. Lives of Great Men ( H. W. Longfellow )
  29. Lord Ullin's Daughter ( Thomas Campbell )
  30. Lost and Found ! ( AN UNKNOWN author )
  31. Lost in The British Lands ( Sumeet Mathur )
  32. Love ( Roy Croft )
  33. Love after Love( Derek Walcott )
  34. Love Philosophy( Percy Bysshe Shelley )
  35. Love Poems ( Anonymous )
  36. Lovesong( Ted Hughes )
  37. Lucy( William Wordsworth )

English Poems :

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