jur & jus

ROOT-WORDS are JUS & JUR meaning LAW. JURIS means “of Law," from Roman Law. Please notice change of accent in conjure and conjurer. Also notice the use of ad and ab : adjure and abjure. The prefix here is most important to the meaning of the word. Also notice spelling. In No. 9 the suffix meaning one who, is spelled ER. There is a word, not in this list, where the suffix meaning one who is OR, as in conjur or, a conspirator. Even though it is not on the list, bear in mind the difference between a conjurer& magicians and conjur & conspirator.

1. Juror : JUR or (jur’ or) n.

One who serves by law on a jury

2. Jury : JUR y (jur’ ee) n.

A group of twelve who are sworn to give a just verdict

3. Justice : JUS tice (jus’ tis) n.

A just judgement; as, justice must be served

4. Justification : JUS tification (jus tif fi kay’ shun) n.

Just cause for action

5. Adjustment : ad JUS tment (a just’ ment) n.

Settlement; as, an amicable adjustment

6. Conjure : con JUR e (kon’ jur) v.

To swear together; to imagine; to entreat; as, conjure the king to be merciful

7. Adjure : ad JUR e (a jur’) v.

To bind as if by solemn oath

8. Abjure : ab JUR e (ab jur’) v.

To swear away under oath; reject

9. Conjurer : con JUR er (kon’ jur er) n.

A magician; a trickster

10. Abjuration : ab JUR ation (ab ju ray’ shun) n.

A renumciation by solemn oath

11. Adjuration : ad JUR ation (aj u ray’ shun) n.

A solemn appeal

12. Adjustive : ad JUS tive (a jus’ tiv) adj.

Tending to put into proper order

13. Adjuratory : ad JUR atory (a jur’ a tore e) adj.

Tending to solemn appeal; begging

14. Abjuratory : ab JUR atory (ab jur’ a to ri) adj.

Containing a disavowal

15. Jurisdiction : JUR isdiction (jur is dik’ shun) n.

The legal right and power to hear and determine a cause

16. Juryman : JUR yman (jur’ ee man) n.

A juror

17. Jurist : JUR ist (jur’ ist) n.

One who is versed in law

18. Jurisprudence : JUR isprudence (jur i sprude’ ens) n.

Law; that which is recognized in law

19. Juristic : JUR istic (ju ris’ tik) adj.

Relating to jurisprudence

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