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ROOT-WORDS are LOGO & LOG which come from the Greek meaning WORD. Several of the words on the list tend to show the extremes to which people go when using words, but these extremes need not worry you if you know your ROOTS.

1. Logic : LOG ic (loj’ ik) n.

Science that deals with speech and reason

2. Logical : LOG ical (loj’ i kall) adj.

Relating to logic; reasonable

3. Logicaster : LOG icaster (loj’ ik as ter) n.

One who dabbles in logic and does not really know it

4. Logician : LOG ician (loo jish’ an) n.

One skilled in logic

5. Logicize : LOG icize (loj’ i size) v.

To use logic to reason

6. Logistics : LOG istics (lo jis’ tiks) n.

That branch of military art which deals with details of transport, etc

7. Logicity : LOG icity (lo jis’ i ti) n.

The worship of logic

8. Logolatry : LOGO latry (lo gol’ a tri) n.

The worship of logic

9. Logomania : LOGO mania (log a may’ ni a) n.

A mania for talking

10. Logodaedaly : LOGO daedaly (log o ded’ a li) n.

Playing with words; verbal legerdemain

11. Logogogue : LOGO gogue (log’ o gog) n.

One who legislates about words

12. Logogram : LOGO gram (log’ o gram) n.

A word letter that for the sake of brevity represents a word

13. Logos : LOGOS (loe’ gos) n.

The word; the rational principle in the universe

14. Logogriph : LOGO griph (log’ o grif) n.

A word puzzle; a logogram

15. Logomachy : LOGO machy (lo gom’ a kee) n.

War of words

16. Logorrhea : LOGO rrihea (lo o ree’ a) n.

A flux of words; excessively wordy

17. Logometric : LOGO metric (log o met’ rik) adj.

Measuring chemical equivalents

18. Logopedics : LOGO pedics (log o pee’ diks) n.

Science of treating speech defects

19. Logographer : LOGO grapher (to gog’ ra fer) n.

A speech writer

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