Stories for Students

Stories for Students :

The students have to read many books especially story-books so their understanding of the people around them will be broadened and deepened. The people make this world. Understanding of the people will make one close to the society. We are born into this world to live together and love each other. Understanding the low-income-people and less-privileged people by those who stand squarely opposite to them and vice versa is the best way to bring peace and prosperity into this world.

Such understanding will take place among the students only by reading stories of various kinds. Here is the collection of such stories which have characters of all natures. We have taken these stories from the text-books meant for the students in India. Of course those students might have gone through few of these stories during their school-days. But there are many stories which they might have missed in their school days. We have added many such stories which will ignite the interest of the students.

It is our hope that our visitors, the schools and the teaching community and the parents would welcome this new page on Short Stories with enthusiasm.

We shall be grateful for constructive suggestions from all of you with a view to the improvement of this page.

In case, you know any short story which you want to be published in this page, you can send that story to us. Due acknowledgement will be given to the sender.

  1. A Different Kind of School
  2. A Game of Chance
  3. A Gift of Chappals
  4. A Pact with the Sun
  5. A Strange Wrestling Match
  6. A Tale of Two Birds
  7. At The Seaside
  8. Courage
  9. Expert Detectives
  10. Fair Play
  11. Free Gannu
  12. Goldilocks and The Three Bears
  13. How the Dog Found Himself a Master?
  14. Internet in The Jungle
  15. Kalpana-Chawla - An Indian-American Woman in Space
  16. Quality
  17. Reward for Taro
  18. Story of Kanku
  19. Tansen
  20. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom
  21. The Banyan Tree
  22. The Friendly Mongoose
  23. The Grand Chapatti Contest
  24. The Monkey and The Crocodile
  25. The Old-Clock Shop
  26. The Parrot Who Would Not Talk
  27. The Scientist and The Man
  28. The Victory Tower
  29. The Wonder Called Sleep
  30. Three Questions
  31. Treasure of The Shepherd
  32. Vocation
  33. Wait for A Day
  34. Water Warriors
  35. What happened to the Reptiles?
  36. When The Mouse Repaid
  37. Who Did The Homework of Patrick?

Stories for Students :

To The Attention of Good Students….

  1. A Dialogue between A Brother and His Sister
  2. A Good Sportsman
  3. A Parcel for The Postmaster
  4. A Strange Wrestling Match
  5. A Trip to Mount Abu
  6. Advice to the students on cyber safety
  7. An Ideal Child
  8. Call to Victory
  9. Code of Sportsmanship
  10. Father Dear Father
  11. Four Wise Men
  12. Prayer of The Students
  13. Reshaping Destiny
  14. Sample RTI Application Form
  15. Seventeen Camels
  16. To The Children
  17. The Desert
  18. The Dove and The Serpent
  19. The Empty House

Extra Content-Rich Pages for The Students :

  1. Our Solar System
  2. The Sun
  3. Earth and Its Moon
  4. Mercury and Venus
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter and Saturn
  7. Uranus and Neptune
  8. Asteroids and Meteoroids and Comets
  9. Near-Earth-Objects
  10. Seasons on Earth
  11. Day and Night
  12. Solar Eclipse
  13. Amazing Facts about Our Solar System
  14. Solar Family
  15. Glossary of Solar System
  16. Exploring Space
  17. Telescopes
  18. Hubble Telescope
  19. Rockets
  20. Probes
  21. Satellites
  22. Types of Satellites
  23. First in Space
  24. The Moon Landing
  25. Space Shuttles
  26. International Space Station
  27. Light Years Away
  28. Making a Refracting Telescope
  29. Early Space Exploration
  30. Amazing Facts about Space
  31. Glossary of Space
  32. Mahatma Gandhi
  33. Space Facts
  34. Stephanie Taylor
  35. Why does sugar dissolve faster in hot milk?
  36. Why are the ears of Buddha shown differently in different statues?
  37. What are the fossils?
  38. What is the difference between a locust and a grasshopper?
  39. Can an atom be destroyed?
  40. Why do our eyes water if we eat a lot of chillies?

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