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Irregular Verbs in English Vocabulary Word List :


arise (arose, arisen)

awake (awoke, awoken)


be (was/were, been)
bear (bore, born/borne)
beat (beat, beaten)
become (became, become)
begin (began, begun)
bend (bent, bent)

bet (bet, bet)
bind (bound, bound)
bite (bit, bitten)
bleed (bled, bled)
blow (blew, blown)
break (broke, broken)

breed (bred, bred)
bring (brought, brought)
build (built, built)
burn (burned/burnt, burned/burnt)
burst (burst, burst)
buy (bought, bought)


cast (cast, cast)
catch (caught, caught)
choose (chose, chosen)

cling (clung, clung)
come (came, come)
cost (cost, cost)

creep (crept, crept)
cut (cut, cut))


deal (dealt, dealt)
dig (dug, dug)
do (did, done)
draw (drew, drawn)

dream (dreamed/dreamt, dreamed/dreamt)
drive (drove, driven)
drink (drank, drunk)


eat (ate, eaten)


fall (fell, fallen)
feed (fed, fed)
feel (felt, felt)
fight (fought, fought)
find (found, found)

flee (fled, fled)
fling (flung, flung)
fly (flew, flown)
forbid (forbade, forbidden)
forecast (forecast, forecast)

foresee (foresaw, foreseen)
foretell (foretold, foretold)
forget (forgot, forgotten)
forgive (forgave, forgiven)
freeze (froze, frozen)


get (got, gotten)
give (gave, given)

go (went, gone)
grind (ground, ground)

grow (grew, grown)


handwrite (handwrote, handwritten)
hang (hung, hung)
have (had, had)

hear (heard, heard)
hide (hid, hidden)
hit (hit, hit)

hold (held, held)
hurt (hurt, hurt)


inbreed (inbred, inbred)
inlay (inlaid, inlaid)

interweave (interwoven, interwoven)


keep (kept, kept)
kneel (knelt/kneeled, knelt/kneeled)

know (knew, known)


lay (laid, laid)
lead (led, led)
learn (learned/learnt, learned/learnt)
leave (left, left)

lend (lent, lent)
let (let, let)
lie (lay, lain)
lose (lost, lost)


make (made, made)
mean (meant, meant)
meet (met, met)

mislead (misled, misled)
mistake (mistook, mistook)
misunderstand (misunderstood, misunderstood)


offset (offset, offset)
outbid (outbid, outbid)
outdo (outdid, outdone)
outgrow (outgrew, outgrown)

outrun (outran, outrun)
overdo (overdid, overdone)
overeat (overate, overeaten)
overhear (overheard, overheard)

oversee (oversaw, overseen)
overspend (overspent, overspent)
overtake (overtook, overtaken)
overthrow (overthrew, overthrown)


partake (partook, partaken)
pay (paid, paid)

prove (proved, proven/proved)
put (put, put)


quit (quit, quit)


read (read, read)
rid (rid, rid)
ride (rode, ridden)

ring (rang, rung)
rise (rose, risen)
run (ran, run)


say (said, said)
see (saw, seen)
seek (sought, sought)
sell (sold, sold)
send (sent, sent)
set (set, set)
sew (sewed, sewed/sewn)
shake (shook, shaken)
shed (shed, shed)
shoot (shot, shot)
show (showed, showed/shown)

shrink (shrank, shrunk)
shut (shut, shut)
sing (sang, sung)
sit (sat, sat)
sleep (slept, slept)
slide (slid, slid)
sling (slung, slung)
slit (slit, slit)
speak (spoke, spoken)
spend (spent, spent)
spin (spun, spun)

spread (spread, spread)
spring (sprang/sprung, sprung)
stand (stood, stood)
stick (stuck, stuck)
sting (stung, stung)
stride (strode, stridden)
string (strung, strung)
swear (swore, sworn)
sweep (swept, swept)
swim (swam, swum)
swing (swung, swung)


take (took, taken)
teach (taught, taught)
tear (tore, torn)
tell (told, told)

think (thought, thought)
throw (threw, thrown)
thrust (thrust, thrust)
tread (trod, trodden/trod)


understand (understood, understood)
undo (undid, undone)

uphold (upheld, upheld)
upset (upset, upset)


wake (woke, woken)
waylay (waylaid, waylaid)
wear (wore, worn)
weave (wove/weaved, woven/weaved)

weep (wept, wept)
wet (wet, wet)
win (won, won)
wind (wound, wound)

withdraw (withdrew, withdrawn)
withhold (withheld, withheld)
wring (wrung, wrung)
write (wrote, written)

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