Introduction to English Grammar

Introduction to English Grammar :

First of all, we must say that this page is not the first, not the last of English Grammar. But it is a modest attempt to simplify the English Grammar for the students who are looking forward to get to grip with the English language and to become masterful of it.

The fundamental purpose of this page is to present to the students who are learning English comprehensive reference of all the essentials of English Grammar, in an orderly, logical and acceptable form and in the meantime to provide them with a considerable number of interesting examples.

The English students must know that mastering basic word order pattern is an essential step in learning English. Understanding the Basics of English Grammar is the first step for all students to master the English Language. We have presented here the complete guide on “How to Master the English grammar." A very good panel of Experts is here with us to prepare this otherwise expertise on English Language. We have all that we could to see that our students learn this foreign language with complete understanding of the basics of English. In case you, the students, have any doubt regarding the concepts and comprehension, please feel free to contact us.

Native speakers frequently very these patterns, but the students learning English would do well to concentrate on basic word order until they are able to use the patterns of statements, questions, requests and commands automatically.

Finally I hope that this page will help the students to be in the top in English.

We pray God to guide and bless us.

  1. The English Language
  2. Introduction to English Grammar
  3. Parts of Speech
  4. General Illustration of The Parts of Speech
  5. The Nature of English Language
  6. The Alphabet
  7. The Letters
  8. Capital Letters
  9. Small Letters
  10. The Letter B
  11. The Letter C
  12. The Letter G
  13. The Letter H
  14. The Letter K
  15. The Letter L
  16. The Letter N
  17. The Letter P
  18. The Letter R
  19. The Letter S
  20. The Letter T
  21. The Letter W
  22. The Letter X
  23. Noun
  24. Roles of Noun
  25. Kinds of Nouns
  26. The Proper Noun
  27. The Common Noun
  28. The Material Noun
  29. The Collective Noun
  30. The Abstract Noun
  31. The Genders of Nouns
  32. Masculine Gender
  33. Feminine Gender
  34. Common Gender
  35. Neuter Gender
  36. The Gerund
  37. Forms of Nouns
  38. The Simple Noun
  39. The Compound Noun
  40. The Derivative Noun
  41. Countable Nouns
  42. Uncountable Nouns
  43. Partitive Nouns
  44. Exercise on Nouns
  45. Numbers and Nouns
  46. Singular and Plurals
  47. Four Spelling Rules
  48. Plurals for Singulars ending in CH
  49. Plurals for Singulars ending in EEF
  50. Plurals for Singulars ending in F
  51. Plurals for Singulars ending in FF
  52. Plurals for Singulars ending in FE
  53. Plurals for Singulars ending in IEF
  54. Plurals for Singulars ending in O
  55. Plurals for Singulars ending in OOF
  56. Plurals for Singulars ending in RF
  57. Plurals for Singulars ending in S
  58. Plurals for Singulars ending in SS
  59. Plurals for Singulars ending in SH
  60. Plurals for Singulars ending in X
  61. Plurals for Singulars ending in Y
  62. Plurals for Singulars ending in Z
  63. Irregular Plurals
  64. Same Form in Singular and Plural
  65. Plurals of Greek Nouns
  66. Plurals of Latin Nouns
  67. Nouns without plural Forms
  68. Nouns without Singular Forms
  69. Plurals of Compound Nouns
  70. Noun of Multitude
  71. Plural and EITHER OR
  72. Plural and NEITHER NOR
  73. Plural and AS WELL AS
  74. Plural and EACH
  75. Plural and EVERY
  76. Plural and NONE
  77. Exercise on Singular and Plurals
  78. Cases of Nouns
  79. Four Principal Cases of Nouns
  80. Four Cases of Nouns
  81. The Subjective Case
  82. The Nominative Case
  83. The Objective Case
  84. The Accusative Case
  85. The Dative Case
  86. Nouns in Apposition
  87. The Possessive Case
  88. The Genitive Case
  89. The Vocative Case
  90. Exercise on Cases of Nouns
  91. Articles
  92. Indefinite Articles
  93. Definite Articles
  94. Demonstrative Adjectives
  95. Indefinite Articles for Singular Nouns
  96. Indefinite Articles for Plural Nouns
  97. Indefinite Articles for Uncountable Nouns
  98. Articles for The Material Nouns
  99. Articles for The Abstract Nouns
  100. Definite Article
  101. Definite Article and The Singular Nouns
  102. Definite Article and The Plural Nouns
  103. Definite Article and Proper Nouns
  104. Exercise on Articles
  105. Pronoun
  106. Pronouns
  107. Personal Pronouns
  108. Nominative Case and Pronouns
  109. Singular Nouns and Pronouns
  110. Plural Nouns and Pronouns
  111. First Person and Pronouns
  112. Second Person and Pronouns
  113. Third Person and Pronouns
  114. Objective Case and Pronouns
  115. Object of Preposition
  116. Distributive Adjectives and Pronouns
  117. Exercise on Pronouns
  118. Indefinite Pronoun
  119. Indefinite Pronouns
  120. Exercise on Indefinite Pronouns
  121. 26 Letters
  122. English Alphabet
  123. Possessive Pronouns
  124. Singular Possessive Pronouns
  125. Plural Possessive Pronouns
  126. Personal Pronoun and Possessive Pronoun

Introduction to English Grammar :

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