Difficult Words and their usages

Difficult Words and Their Usages

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This is a new section which will attempt to throw some light on the more
Difficult Words in the English language. If you have a suggestion for a word we should feature in this Difficult Words section then please send it using The Contact Us form. It doesn't matter whether learners or native speakers of English might find it difficult!


Abash| Abate| Abdicate| Aberration| Abhor| Abject| Abnegate

Abortive| Abridge| Absolute| Absolve| Abstinent| Abstract| Acrid

Acrimonious| Acumen| Acute| Adage| Adamant| Address| Adherent

Admonish| Adroit| Adulation| Adulterate| Adverse| Aesthetic| Affable

Affectation| Affinity| Affluent| Agenda| Agrarian| Aggregate| Agnostic

Alacrity| Allege| Alleviate| Allocate| Alloy| Allusion| Aloof

Altruism| Ambience| Ambiguous| Ambivalent| Ameliorate| Amenable

Amenity| Abstruse| Abysmal| Accolade| Accost| Acerbic

Acquiesce| Amiable | Amnesty | Amoral | Amorous | Amorphous

Anachronism | Analogy | Anarchy | Anecdote | Anguish | Animosity

Anomaly | Antecedent | Antipathy | Antithesis | Apartheid | Apathy

Aphorism | Apocalypse | Apocryphal | Apotheosis | Appease

Appreciate | Apprehensive | Approbation

Appropriate | Aptitude | Arbiter | Arbitrary

Arcane | Archaic | Archetype | Ardent | Arduous

Aristocratic | Artful | Artifice | Ascetic | Ascendancy | Assiduous

Assimilate | Assuage | Astute | Audacity | Attrition | Augment

Auspicious | Austere | Autocratic | Avarice | Autonomous | Avow

Avuncular | Awry | Axiom


Bane | Banal | Bastion | Beget | Belabor | Beleaguer

Belittle | Belie | Belligerent | Bemused | Benefactor | Benevolent | Benign

Bequest| Bereaved| Beset| Blasphemy| Blatant| Blight| Blithe

Bourgeois| Bovine| Brevity| Broach

Bucolic| Bureaucracy| Burgeon| Burlesque


Cacophony| Cadence| Cajole| Callow| Candor| Capitalism

Caricature| Capitulate| Capricious| Castigate| Catalyst| Categorical

Catharsis| Catholic| Caustic| Celibacy| Censure| Cerebral

Charisma| Chagrin| Charlatan| Chasm| Chastise| Chicanery

Choleric| Chimera| Chronic| Chronicle| Circuitous| Circumlocution

Circumspect| Circumscribe| Circumvent| Civil| Clandestine| Clemency

Clique| Cliche| Coalesce| Coerce| Cogent| Cognitive

Coherent| Cognizant| Colloquial| Collusion| Commensurate| Compelling

Complacent| Compendium| Complement| Complicity

Comprehensive| Conciliatory| Comprise| Concise

Concord| Concurrent| Condescend| Conducive

Condone| Confluence| Congenial| Congenital| Conjecture| Connoisseur

Conjure| Consecrate| Consensus| Consonant| Construe| Contentious

Consummate| Contiguous| Contingent| Contrite

Contrived| Conventional| Copious

Convivial| Corollary| Corroborate| Cosmopolitan| Countenance| Covenant

Coup| Covert| Covet| Credulous| Criterion| Culinary

Cryptic| Culminate| Culpable| Cursory| Curtail| Cynic


Daunt| Dearth| Debacle| Debauchery| Debilitate| Decimate

Decadent| Decorous| Deduce| Defame| Deference

Degenerate| Definitive| Deleterious| Delineate| Delude

Deluge| Denizen| Demagogue| Depravity| Deprecate

Deride| Derogatory| Despondent| Desiccate| Despot

Destitute| Desultory| Dialectical| Didactic| Dictum

Diffident| Digress| Dilettante| Discern| Discrete

Discreet| Discriminate| Disdain| Disinterested| Disparage

Disseminate| Disparate| Dissipate| Dissolution| Distend

Distinguish| Docile| Dogmatic| Doctrinaire| Domestic| Dormant

Dubious| Duplicity


Eccentric| Ebullient| Eclectic| Edify| Efface| Effusion| Egocentric

Egalitarian| Egregious| Elicit| Elliptical| Elusive| Eminent| Emigrate

Empirical| Emulate| Encroach| Endemic| Enfranchise| Enervate| Engender

Enigma| Enormity| Ephemeral| Epitome| Epigram| Equanimity| Equitable

Equivocal| Erudite| Esoteric| Espouse| Euphemism| Ethereal| Evanescent

Exacerbate| Exacting| Exalt| Exemplify| Exasperate| Exhaustive| Exhort

Exigency| Existential| Expatriate| Exonerate| Expedient| Expedite| Explicit

Extol| Extrapolate| Extraneous| Extricate| Extrovert| Exult


Facetious| Fabrication| Facile| Farcical| Fastidious| Fatalist

Fauna| Fatuous| Fecund| Felicity| Fervor| Fetter

Figurative| Fidelity| Finesse| Flagrant| Flout| Flaunt

Foment| Foible| Forbear| Forgo| Forsake| Fortuitous

Fraternal| Founder| Frenetic| Frugal| Furtive| Futile


Genre| Garrulous| Genteel| Gesticulate| Glut| Grandiloquent

Gratuitous| Grandiose| Gravity| Gregarious| Guile


Hapless| Hackneyed| Harbinger| Hedonism| Hegemony| Heresy

Heyday| Hermetic| Hiatus| Hierarchy| Histrionic| Homily

Husbandry| Homogeneous| Hyperbole| Hypothetical


Ideology| Iconoclast| Idiosyncrasy| Idyllic| Ignominy| Illicit

Immutable| Imminent| Impartial| Impeccable| Imperial| Impervious

Implement| Impetuous| Impotent| Impugn| Inane| Incandescent

Inaugurate| Incense| Incantation| Incessant| Incipient| Incisive

Incongruous| Increment| Incorrigible| Indifferent

Indigenous| Indigent| Indolent

Indulgent| Indignant| Ineffable| Inept| Inexorable| Inert

Infatuated| Infamous| Infer| Infinitesimal| Ingenuous| Inherent

Innate| Injunction| Innocuous| Inordinate| Insatiable| Insidious

Insipid| Insinuate| Insolent| Instigate| Insular| Insurgent

Intractable| Integral| Intransigent| Intrinsic| Introspective| Inundate

Inveterate| Invective| Irascible| Ironic| Irrevocable| Itinerant


Judicious| Juxtapose




Laconic| Labyrinth| Lament| Lampoon| Languish

Latent| Largess| Laud| Legacy| Lethargy| Levity| Libel

Loquacious| Litigate| Lucid| Lugubrious| Luminous


Magnanimous| Machination| Magnate| Malaise| Malfeasance| Malinger

Mandate| Malleable| Manifest| Manifesto| Marshal| Martial

Martyr| Matriculate| Maudlin| Maverick| Maxim| Mediate

Mendacious| Mellifluous| Mendicant| Mentor

Mercenary| Mercurial| Metamorphosis| Microcosm

Milieu| Minuscule| Misanthropic| Mitigate

Mollify| Monolithic| Moribund| Morose

Mortify| Mundane| Myopia| Myriad| Munificent


Narcissism| Nebulous| Nefarious| Neologism

Nepotism| Nominal| Nihilism| Nostalgia

Notorious| Novel| Noxious| Nuance


Obdurate| Obfuscate| Oblivion| Oblique| Obsequious| Obscure| Obtuse

Officious| Onerous| Opaque| Opulent| Orthodox| Ostensible| Ostentatious


Pacify| Painstaking| Palliate| Palpable

Paltry| Panacea| Paradigm| Paradox| Parochial| Parody| Parsimonious

Partisan| Patent| Paternal| Pathology| Patriarch| Patrician

Patronize| Paucity| Peccadillo| Pedantic| Pedestrian| Pejorative| Penchant

Penitent| Pensive| Peremptory| Perennial| Perfidy| Perfunctory

Peripatetic| Periphery| Pernicious| Perquisite| Perjury| Permeate

Pertinent | Perturb| Peruse| Pervade| Petulant| Philanthropy

Philistine| Pious| Pivotal| Placate| Plaintive| Platitude| Plebian

Plethora| Poignant| Polarize| Polemic| Ponderous| Portent

Postulate| Pragmatic| Precedent| Precept| Precipitate| Precipitous

Preclude| Precursor| Predilection| Preeminent

Preempt | Premise| Prepossess| Prerogative| Prevail| Pristine

Prodigal| Prodigious| Prodigy| Profane| Profess| Proficient

Profligate| Profound| Profuse| Proletariat| Proliferate| Prolific

Promulgate| Propensity| Propitious| Proponent| Proprietary| Propriety

Prosaic| Proscribe| Proselytize| Protagonist| Protract| Provident

Provincial| Provisional| Proximity| Prudent| Purported| Putative


Qualify| Qualitative| Querulous| Quixotic


Ramification| Rancor| Rapacious| Rebuke| Rebut| Recalcitrant

Recant| Reciprocal| Reclusive| Recondite| Recrimination| Redolent

Redundant| Refute| Reiterate| Relegate| Relentless| Relinquish

Remonstrate| Renaissance| Renounce| Reparation

Repercussion| Replenish

Replete| Reprehensible| Reprisal| Reproach| Reprove| Repudiate

Requisite| Resolute| Respite| Reticent| Revere| Rhetoric

Rigorous| Robust| Rogue| Rudimentary| Ruminate| Rustic


Saccharine| Sacrilege| Sacrosanct| Sagacious| Salient| Salutary

Sanctimonious| Sanguine| Sardonic| Scintillate| Scrupulous| Scrutinize

Secular| Sedition| Sensory| Sentient| Sequester| Serendipity

Servile| Singular| Slander| Sloth| Sobriety| Solicitous

Solvent| Soporific| Sordid| Spawn| Specious| Sporadic

Spurious| Squalor| Squander| Stagnation| Static| Staunch

Steadfast| Stigmatize| Stipulate| Stoic| Stratum| Stricture

Strife| Stringent| Stymie| Subjugate| Sublime| Subordinate

Substantive| Subtle| Subversive| Succinct| Succumb| Supercilious

Superficial| Superfluous| Surfeit| Surreptitious

Surrogate| Sycophant| Synthesis


Tacit| Taciturn| Tangential| Tangible| Tantamount| Tautological| Temerity

Temperate| Tenable| Tenacious| Tenet| Tentative| Tenuous

Terse| Theology| Tirade| Torpor| Touchstone| Tout

Transcend| Transgress| Transient| Trepidation| Turpitude


Ubiquitous| Unconscionable| Unctuous| Uniform| Unremitting| Unwitting

Urbane| Usurp| Utilitarian| Utopia


Vacillate| Vapid| Vehement| Venal| Venerate| Veracity

Verbose| Verisimilitude| Vernacular| Vestige| Vex| Viable

Vicarious| Vicissitude| Vilify| Vindicate| Vindictive| Virtuoso

Virulent| Visionary| Vitiate| Vitriolic

Vocation| Vociferous| Volatile| Volition


Wanton| Willful| Wistful


Xanthic| Xanthous





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