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The Synonyms and Antonyms form an integral part of the English Language. Acquaintance with the vocabulary of the English language is a necessity for effective expression either in the written or in the oral from.

Synonym is nothing but the similar meaning of a particular word or its semantic relation. So,it is a word or a phrase that means the same as another word or a phrase in the same language.

Antonyms are the negative connotation of a particular word. An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language.

So enjoy this list and then get around for preparing your own list of Synonyms and Antonyms. There is no better way of boosting your word power.


Abandon| Abash| Abate| Abbreviate| Abduct

Aberration| Abet| Abhor| Abiding

Ability| Abject| Abjure| Able

Abnormal| Abolish| Abominate| Above

Above board Abrupt| Abridgment| Abscond| Absent

Absolve| Absolute| Absorb

Abstain| Abstract| Absurd| Abundance| Abusive

Accept| Accidental| Accompany| Accomplish

Accumulate| Accurate| Accuse| Accustomed| Achieve

Acknowledge| Acme| Acquaintance| Acquire

Acquit| Acrimonious| Active| Acute| Adamant

Actual| Adapt| Adjust| Admire

Admit| Adopt| Adore| Adversity| Advise| Affable

Affecting| Afraid| Alarming

Allay| Allegiance| Alliance| Altruistic| Always| Allure

Ally| Almighty| Alone

Amazing| Ambition| Amorous| Ample| Amuse

Animated| Animosity| Annexation| Annihilate

Annoy| Answer| Antiquated| Anxiety| Aplomb

Apocryphal| Apparent| Appearance| Appreciation

Appropriate| Approve| Apt| Arbitrary| Archaic

Ascent| Associate| Assure| Assume

Astonish| Attach| Attract| Augment| Attention

Auspicious| Authority| Avoidance| Awkward


Backward| Baffle| Balance| Banal| Bankrupt

Bargain| Barren| Base| Bashful

Bear| Bend| Before| Belief| Beneath

Benefit| Benefit| Benevolence| Bewilder| Bitter| Blame

Blessing| Bliss| Blithe| Blunt| Boost| Border| Bore| Borrow

Brace| Brave| Break| Breed| Breeze| Brevity| Bright| Brusque

Brutal| Busy


Cajole| Calamity| Calculate| Call| Calm| Cancel| Capacity

Capture| Care

Care| Careful| Carry| Casualty| Catching| Cause

Cease| Celebrated| Celibacy| Censorship| Central| Certain

Change| Chaos| Charity| Chase| Cheap| Cheat

Check| Cheer| Cheerful| Chief| Chief-Noun| Chill

Choice| Choke| Choose| Circulate| Claim| Class

Clean| Clear| Clever| Cling| Cloudy| Clutch

Coarse| Cold| Combat| Comfort| Comfortable| Command

Commemorate| Common| Compact| Companion

Company| Comparison| Compassion

Compel| Competent| Complacent| Compose| Compress| Compromise

Compulsory| Conceal| Concede| Conceited| Concentration| Concerted

Concord| Concrete| Confess| Confine| Confirm| Conquest

Conscientious| Considerable| Considerate| Constant| Contemptible

Consumption| Contented| Contract| Controversy| Convenient

Conventional| Convict| Cooperate| Cordial

Correspond| Corrupt| Cover

Courage| Creed| Crime| Cripple| Cruel| Cunning

Curious| Customary| Cynical| Current


Dainty| Dally| Danger| Dark| Dazzling

Damn| Damp| Deadly| Decay| Deceive| Deception| Decide

Declare| Decline| Decrease| Deed| Defeat| Definite

Delay| Delicacy| Deliver| Denigrate| Deny| Dependence

Depraved| Depreciate| Describe| Despair| Despise| Destroy

Destruction| Detrimental| Develop| Deviate| Devoted| Diligent

Dim| Diplomatic| Dirty| Disappoint| Disclose| Disgrace

Displace| Dissolve| Distant| Diversity| Dogged| Doubt

Doubtful| Dreadful| Dry| Dull


Eager| Earn| Easy| Ebb| Elegant| Emit

Emotion| Enchanted| Encourage| Encroach| Endanger| Endless

Endorse| Enduring| Enlarge| Enmity| Enormous| Enough

Enrage| Entire| Erase| Eternal| Evasion| Evident

Exact| Excellent| Excite| Exertion| Extend| Extravagant


Fabulous| Fame| Famous| Fanciful| Fasten| Fat

Fatal| Fear| Feeble| Filthy| Final| Find

Finish| Foresight| Fright| Fraud

Former| Futile| Fundamental


Gallant| Gather| Gay| General| Generous| Genial

Genuine| Glorify| Gifted| Gorgeous| Govern| Gradual| Grand

Grasp| Grief| Grim| Groundless


Habitual| Halt| Hamper| Handy| Handle| Hard

Harsh| Hate| Hazard| Healthy| Hesitate| Heavy

High| Highest| Hire| Holy| Horrible| Hot

Humane| Humid| Humor| Humorous| Hypocrisy


Icy| Ideal| Idle| Imitate| Improve| Imprudent

Incapable| Inclement| Incline| Include| Inconsistent| Incur

Indecent| Induce| Influence| Inner| Innocent| Insert

Insist| Integrity| Intensify| Invincible


Jaundiced| Jest| Joyous| Just| Justify


Keen| Kill| Kind| Kindle| Knowledge| Known


Labor| Lack| Large| Lawful| Lazy| Leader

Learn| Learning| Lengthy| Lessen| Liberal| Liberty

Lie| Lift| Likely| Lively| Lonely| Lock

Loud| Love| Luck| Loving


Magnanimous| Magnetic| Magnificent| Maintain| Majority

Manner| Melody| Mercy| Merit| Mild| Mind

Miscellaneous| Miserable| Misery| Mislead| Modern| Modest

Monotonous| Moral| Mourn| Mysterious


Native| Necessary| Neglect| Nervous| New| Nimble

Noble| Notion| Numerous


Obdurate| Obedient| Obligatory| Obliterate| Oblivious| Obvious

Obscure| Odd| Odious| Onerous| Ooze| Opinion

Opportunity| Optimistic| Opulent| Orderly| Ordinary

Organize| Original| Outbreak| Outstanding


Pacify| Pain| Pardon-Verb| Pardon-Noun| Part

Partial| Passion| Passive| Paternal| Patience| Pause

Peculiar| Peevish| Perfect| Permanent| Permission| Permit

Persist| Persistent| Persuade| Physical| Pitiable| Placid

Plain| Plead| Pleasant| Pleasure| Plentiful| Polished

Polite| Poor| Possess| Possible| Praise| Precarious

Predominant| Predicament| Prediction| Prejudice| Premature

Preserve| Pretend| Prevent| Primary| Privilege

Prohibit| Prolong| Prominent| Promote| Protect

Prove| Provide| Prudent| Publish| Punish

Purpose| Push| Put Up


Qualified| Quantity| Quality| Quarrel| Queer

Question| Quick| Quicken| Quiet


Race| Racy| Radical| Raise| Rare

Rash| Rate| Ration| Ready| Readiness| Real

Reasoning| Rebellion| Recalcitrant| Recover| Refuse| Release

Remarkable| Reluctant| Repeal| Repentance| Resign| Respect

Retain| Riddle| Risk| Rot| Rough| Rude


Sacred| Sad| Sanction| Satisfy| Scatter| Scanty

Scold| Seek| Selfish| Sensible| Separable| Separate

Settle| Shallow| Shame| Sharp| Shelter| Shock

Shoddy| Signify| Silly| Sincere| Skill| Skillful

Slander| Slapdash| Slavery| Slick| Smart| Slow

Sociable| Soft| Soil| Solemn| Solid| Solitary

Solve| Soothe| Sordid| Soul| Spiteful| Spread

Splendid| Statement| Spontaneous| Steady| Steep

Stiff| Still| Stimulate| Stimulus| Strange| Stop

Strong| Sublime| Submissive| Substantial| Stubborn

Stupid| Suitable| Sudden| Summon| Superb

Superficial| Sure| Surprising| Suppress| Suspend

Surrender| Swell| Sympathy| Systematic


Taciturn| Tact| Talent| Tasty| Tear| Tease

Tedious| Temperamental| Tempt| Temporary| Tendency

Terse| Theory| Thick| Thin| Thoughtful

Timely| Timid| Tired| Toleration| Torture

Touchy| Tragedy| Transparent| Treacherous| Transient

Tremble| Trick| Trust| Try

Tyranny| Topical


Ugly| Unanimity| Uncertain| Unconcerned

Unconquerable| Undertaking| Unfair| Unite

Universal| Unusual| Uphold| Upset

Urgent| Usual| Utility


Vacant| Vague| Valid| Various| Vehement

Victory| Violation| Void| Voluntary| Vulgar|


Wages| Wane| Want| Wasteful| Wavering

Weak| Weaken| Wealth| Wet| Wide

Wicked| Wild| Wisdom | Worthless


Xanthic| Xanthous


Yawn| Yield| Yoke| Young| Yell


Zeal| Zenith| Zest| Zip

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